for Musicians

An Online Discussion and Q&A

on Time and Energy Management, Finances, and Creative and Personal Wellbeing

Saturday June 8, 2024 • 11:00AM EDT



Philosophical Author,
Founder of Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA)
Worldwide Charities
(Pre-recorded talk)



Vocalist, Composer, Teacher
Masters of Music Composition Graduate,
University of Southern California

Mingjia Chen, Vocalist, Composer, Teacher, Masters of Music Composition Graduate, University of Southern California shared her experiences on being a youth freelancer. Maria Aragon, professional musician, guided the discussion with Mingjia, covering the topics:
* Best ways to find work and connections that could lead to more work
* Understanding specific rates that could be charged for services and how do you know what to charge
* How to maintain mental health and well-being while working on multiple projects at the same time

Srinivas Arka, charity founder, answered questions sent by youth co-ordinator.
1. How do you find the courage to follow the road less travelled (an unconventional career path)?
2.⁠ ⁠How do you navigate seasons of uncertainty or a lack of inspiration in a career?
3. How do you build strong relationships (network, community)?

Arka summarized beautifully:
“Walk with confidence. Walk with courage. Hope for the best and remain positive.
Things can change. Things will change. If they are currently uncomfortable, if they are unpleasant, if they are not for our well-being, we have to extend our conscious awareness, constructive thoughts and go with the spirit. Energy changes. Consequently, environment, ambience, and people can change.”

To celebrate the end of the event, Megan Rebecca, Professional musician, Masters Degree in Piano Performance, gave 3 incredible performances demonstrating her immense talent:
1. Bach Prelude in C Major
2. Rise Up
3. I will Always Love You – popularized by Whitney Houston

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“Planning often works; spontaneity should be pauses between plans.”

~ Srinivas Arka