The Centre for Conscious Awareness - Canada is dedicated to:

Educating the public by providing courses, seminars
and workshops on the philosophy and methodology
of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation

Educating the public on the physical and
mental health benefits of meditation practice

Supporting Canadian registered charities which
relieve poverty or promote the preservation
of the environment.

Offering an instructor training program
(Masters course)

“The earth holds the memory of the past, the sun holds the future and you hold the present.”
– Srinivas Arka

Our History

The Centre for Conscious Awareness – Canada became a registered charity in June 2010. It became a federal non-profit organization in April 2009.

The charity was founded by Srinivas Arka (Mahaguru Yogi Arka) and its work continues to be inspired by him.


Our Chairman and Founder

Srinivas Arka

Chairman and Founder

Srinivas Arka is a World Renowned Philosopher, inspirational speaker and author. He has developed Human Positive Potential Programmes and is a founder of the Centre for Conscious Awareness (CCA) registered charities worldwide.

He is known for his work serving communities around the world. Highly regarded for his lectures, workshops and books, his work has inspired people around the world to explore and develop their intuitive awareness, thus helping them to achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life for themselves and where possible helping those around them.

Our Directors

Darren Mankasingh, CBAP®, MBA


Cindy Mankasingh


Manesha Parmar


Nita Dani

Raagul Sivacumar