Event: Meditation Demonstration at North York Women’s Shelter – July 2nd, 2015

Very easy to learn to do – excellent teachings and felt relaxing – looking forward to learning and practicing.– Anonymous Participant

Event: Meditation Demonstration at Nexus Youth Centre – September 25, 2014

This program was positive and relaxing! It gives youth a coping method to deal with daily stresses and situations.– Cheyenne McBean
Peer Youth Worker News

The Centre for Conscious Awareness – Canada has contributed to our Health Promotion and Wellness department at the Bernard Betel Centre with their participants in past Health Fairs and delivering wonderful presentations and demonstrations to the seniors at the centre. The participants enjoyed learning the health benefits of meditation and learning how to incorporate meditation into their daily lives. The feedback we received was wonderful.– Katie Giles
Manager, Health Promotion and Wellness, Bernard Betel Centre, Toronto, Ontario

Event: Stress Management Seminar & Arka Dhyana Demonstration At Ryerson University – Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program – March 5th, 2015

It was very relaxing & enlightening experience. The instructors were very understanding & experienced with the art of stress management. I would highly recommend this class for future ITMD courses. Thank you for taking the time.– Sadia Sohail
Sonographer/Medical Doctor

CCA-Canada hosted a workshop for MBA students at Ryerson University before final exams to discuss stress, time management and to provide tips and techniques for effective studying and relaxation. The session was great, with good discussion and interesting relaxation techniques that are helpful when feeling stressed. I think the work being done by CCA-Canada is great, given that many people are often overworked and stressed which can negatively impact health, and therefore it is important to have a positive outlook, which the centre helps with.– Bernard James
P.Eng, M.A.Sc, MBA

Thanks Centre for Conscious Awareness – Canada for your donation. We hope you would consider running another event in the future in support of Daily Bread Food Bank.– Joelle Efford-Gibbons
Development Associate, Daily Bread Food Bank

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation has made a wonderful difference in my spiritual practice. My body, which used to feel like an annoying bundle of aches and discomforts getting in the way of meditation, has become the entrance to the meditative world. It is a joy to acknowledge the gift of the body. I am especially moved each time I touch my feet in Arka Dhyana. I grew up thinking that feet are such lowly things: feet are dirty, don’t put your feet on the furniture, wash your hands if you touch your feet. How delightful it is to feel vibrations of touch and sound spreading with love from those feet into every part of me and of the universe. It is the same, of course, with all the body points I touch, so that in the end, all vibrate together. Then silence becomes the most natural thing.– Judy Bali

To come and contemplate nature and feeling so relaxed and clean within ourselves is the most precious gift you could give your self. I recommend this to all the people because it will take away their worries, stress, and you come back into the outside world feeling positive, happy, rejuvenated and most of all ready to give love to everything and everyone. Being close to mother nature and close to your own self through Arka Dhyana meditation is the most wonderful gift there is.– Jolly Ceballaso
Dental Assistant