What is Meditation?

General meditation practises are an art of taming, controlling and enhancing the power of the mind and its faculties. Constant practice of certain techniques can help develop extra sensory perception and the experience of inner peace is possible.

Meditation serves as a signpost for spiritual attainments.

Meditation is not a religious practise; it is a universal, natural activity that is free from any cultural, social, racial or other boundaries.


“The real reason for Meditation should be an inner, spiritual journey, with the prime goal of
self-realization. First the mind heals itself, then the body, which leads to an increased
Intuitive Awareness, after which many positive results follow.”
  ~Srinivas Arka

What is Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation?

Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation or Arka Dhyana is a practical, step-by-step approach, to exploring one’s true potential for experiencing peace and harmony within, which can make a positive contribution to health.

Developed by Srinivas Arka (Mahaguru Yogi Arka) through many years of personal research, study and direct experience, it has helped people around the world to develop their unique, special qualities and enrich their lives. The technique is effective because it allows people to build a harmonious relationship between their mind and inner consciousness, which Arka identifies with the heart.


Meditation is a way of controlling and enhancing the power of the mind. Long ago, the term ‘meditation’ had an in-depth meaning, but is used today in a common context. For some, it is merely a stress relieving and health supporting mental exercise. Others use it as a substitute for prayer or supplication. Here, ‘meditation’ is not used as a synonym for something else, but as an introduction to Dhyana.

In Arka Dhyana, through breath, touch and sound, ‘conscious-awareness,’ (which has predominantly manifested itself in the brain,) is invited to the realm of heart. This automatically relaxes the brain. You start the journey with your feet and then climb to the crown of the head, touching various points along the way; it is an adventure in self-discovery.