Anyone can attend our courses regardless of age, race, nationality, religion or gender.

It is important for us to give back to the community and help those who are in need. By assisting to provide food, clothing, shelter and preserving the environment, we are providing the basic necessities of life. Offering meditation courses can give mental health, and spiritual benefits that allow people to live a more fuller life.

Physical exercise is essential to keep ourselves physically fit. So also we have to meditate to refresh and recharge ourselves. We can live without meditation but our ability to empathize becomes weaker and, as a result, we become more mechanical, self-centred and selfish. Without meditation you will never know how deep and special you truly are.

The term Dhyana is used as there is no other alternative term in English that can convey the total significance of Dhyana. It is a Sanskrit term that cannot be translated exactly as meditation since Dhyana has a much deeper meaning. Arka comes from the name of the teacher who developed this meditation method, Srinivas Arka. The two terms are put together to convey the unique nature of this method.

Srinivas Arka is a philosopher, author and speaker known for his lectures and books that have inspired people to explore and experience their inner spirituality, potential and unique nature.

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