Event Description:

CCA-Canada was invited by Ryerson MBA program to give a De-Stress session. High stress MBA studentswere two weeks away from exams and CCA-Canada gave them some advice and tips to handle their challenging schedules. Here is a sample of the study/stress tips:

  • We can only focus effectively on a subject for about an hour, so take short breaks every hour
  • Do some light stretching to ease tension in your neck, shoulders and back when studying for long hours
  • Before writing the exam, avoid getting overly agitated. Take a few breaths to calm yourself, so that you read the questions carefully.

“Study to acquire knowledge with a curious mind – make everyday exciting with new questions to the topics and give colour to your learning. Passing exams and tests will happen incidentally; that should not be your prime goal. By doing so, stress reduces and grace increases. Thus, the knowledge you have gained will remain with you for a long period of time.” Srinivas Arka

Testimonial: “CCA-Canada hosted a workshop for MBA students at Ryerson University before final exams to discuss stress, time management and to provide tips and techniques for effective studying and relaxation. The session was great, with good discussion and interesting relaxation techniques that are helpful when feeling stressed. I think the work being done by CCA-Canada is great, given that many people are often overworked and stressed which can negatively impact health, and therefore it is important to have a positive outlook, which the centre helps with.”

Bernard James, P.Eng, M.A.Sc, MBA