Sat. August 6, 2022



Toronto | 1 PM EDT
London, UK | August 6, 6 pm BST
Madrid | August 6, 7 pm CEST
India | August 6, 10:30 pm IST
Sydney | August 7, 3 am AEST
Auckland | August 7, 5 am NZST







The event was directed toward youth and young adults who tend to suffer through relationship conflict. Attendees were able to learn to maintain their relationships with not only their significant others but also those of parents and friends or even a co-worker. Guest speakers discussed their own experiences and struggles while giving examples of how they were able to move past conflict or maintain healthy relationships. Participants were able to ask questions and interact with the speakers through the use of Kahoot.
Laurel Boytim (Executive Director of the Ripple Effect Education & Professor at the University of Guelph-Humber) spoke about Transforming Relationships Through Conflict
– Pointed out that when it comes to conflict with others, there is much more to it than can be seen (like an iceberg).
– To truly understand conflict with another, the needs, feelings, wants and other hidden reactions must be considered.
– Then even below that, there are things such as class, life experiences or even trauma that can shape how a person acts and reacts which is why it can be so difficult to understand others when in conflict. 
Meredith Rose (Youth Mental Health Activist) spoke on Accountability Without Shame
– Shame and its unseen influence on us
– Shame vs Guilt
– The truth about self-criticism
– How can we move on from our inner voice of shame
Sophie Beren (Founder and CEO of The Conversationalist) spoke on Navigating Difficult Conversations
– You can have a voice without being someone in a great position
– Relationships are key when it comes to living life
– Contact Theory Hypothesis
– When having conversations, it is important to remember five things
– Remember to step out of your comfort zone so that you can grow
– Part of being a voice that is heard is being a voice that listens
Srinivas Arka (Founder of CCA Global) spoke on the Power of Conflict
– What purpose does conflict have in our lives? Is this a good or bad thing?
– How does conflict shape healthy relationships?
– How do we mend a relationship when the ither person doesn’t want to?


Toronto Metropolitan
University Mental Health Association
Federation of Canadian Secondary Students
University Of Toronto Mental Health Association
Western University
Science Society