Event Description:

This workshop was not only informative, it was also eye-opening, bringing us greater awareness about what we eat and how common weeds which are medicinal by nature are now largely ignored. Re-connecting with nature, getting back to the basics and doing just simple things in our gardening can go a long way in helping us live a healthier lifestyle.


Zora’s practices are based in the ethics and principles of permaculture that recognize nature as our best teacher; she is a certified Permaculture Designer and lifelong activist in the area of urban agriculture and food security. Passionate about sharing both knowledge and good food, Zora follows her heart in her work as a freelance gardener, consultant, educator and forager. Lately, she is focusing on deepening the relationships with the healing properties of nature while developing food-forest gardens, pollinator gardens, inter-planting diverse vegetation in the city and country. Her work’s most valuable yield is the joy she harvests from bringing people back to nature, encouraging the growth of intentional communities and necessary new generation of farmers. Good food and deep healing are delicious side products of her work!