Depression Awareness Program


Andrea Ubell, is the Director of Programs and Client Services at the Alzheimer Society of York Region and in this webinar, she shares her insights on depression and its underlying causes, drawing particular attention to how it can manifest in seniors – as well as the parallels between depression and Alzheimer’s. In addition, she provides helpful tips and resources to help.


Andrea discussed:

* What is depression?

* The effects and impact that depression has on seniors. 

* The importance of understanding the difference between depression and dementia in seniors.

* Helpful resources and possible treatment options for those who experience it.

There was also a practical demonstration of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation from Cindy Mankasingh, a certified intuitive meditation instructor.

“For the most part stress is irrational. We show excess concerns in things we do not have control over. Instead, work constructively towards what bothers you, stress begins to recede.
If you need a break from stress stay in tuned with the rhythm of your breath and body, as a result, mind settles down and relative calmness is restored.”

Admission Fee Waived.