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Experiencing Calmness in a Chaotic World

Sunday July 9, 2023

Hybrid: In-person and Online

A quotation about smiling is the perfect way for an opening address by the founder of CCA – Canada, Srinivas Arka. He said with his usual beaming smile, “When you smile, you make your stay on Earth a celebration.”

The event started with a beautiful serenade by a gifted violin player, Min-Hi Choi. Followed by a presentation by the Canadian team of their past highlights. This included a review of their many programmes, including events held in partnership with other organization. Some of the representatives of these other organization were invited VIPs, along with local politicians and parliamentary representatives. The team mentioned they had focused on their community service for the elderly, including their workshops on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Satya, Sham and Anju Arora joined us for the celebration. They are members of South Markham Community Action Table (CAT) and are helping as Community Ambassadors. Satya and Sham are also members of Armadale Older Adult Club which has partnered and supported many events with CCA-Canada over the years. Satya Arora spoke highly of the partnership with CCA-Canada over the years.

Andrea Ubell, Alzheimer Society of York Region share her passion for her work and celebrated the partnerships with CCA-Canada over the last 7 or 8 years.

Francesco Sorbara, M.P. representative Anthony Chiovitti presented certificates to Srinivas Arka, CCA-Canada on our 13th anniversary and Laelle Duff and Elizabeth Webster who are youth hired by the Canada Summer Jobs program.

Local and regional Councillor for Vaughan Council and York Region Council Mario G. Racco attend and provided his congratulations to the charity:

“I attended the 13th Anniversary celebration of the Centre for Conscious Awareness Canada. It was an occasion where we gathered to commemorate the 13 years of accomplishments of this organization. From their commitment to the study, research, and experience of heart-based meditation practices to their efforts in disseminating the teachings of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation, CCA Canada has proven their support for the community.
I extend my best wishes to Srinivas Arka, charity founder, and CCA-Canada team and thank them for inviting me to partake in this event.”

Arka mentioned how chaos is also a part of life and it usually manifests when we have multiple ambitions or desires. So we become agitated, because the mind feels as if it is boiling. Even if everything in the world is settled, and we cannot be calm in this state. However, he said, if you go and immerse yourself in nature, admiring the beautiful trees and birds, flying in unity and harmony, then you can regain calmness.

We are part of nature, therefore we cannot be artificial for long periods of time because it does not suit us. You are part of nature, he emphasised again. There is a strong connection between nature outside and inside us. We have been bestowed with an ability to recognise this.However, usually we are preoccupied with what will happen next, but if we stop for a moment and withdraw from the world, we can feel the calmness within.

Intuitive meditation is natural and spontaneous and can help us to reconnect with the inner centre. Or something he always touches upon is how we should never undermine ourselves. He said we should never think, ‘I would like to do so many things in this world, but what can I do, I’m only one person?’ He gave the example of the CCA charity, which he said 30 years ago began with one person. Everything begins with one person. We have to give ourselves a chance, not just expecting others to give us a chance. He said we should take a chance and if we do, we might surprise ourselves with how much easier the path ahead is. He said, how many times have we attempted something thinking it would be so difficult, then found that it was surprisingly smooth? He said as you take a step forward, things open up. You bring light with you on your journey. This is much easier if you are in touch with your heart. He questioned, has any darkness ever met light?

Nature is at work in all of us and also other entities. Chaos can never enter the heart. The head is for information and the heart, for impressions. He said it is difficult for our presence to remain only in the head. If you spend more time in your heart, then you can express yourself with greater inspiration, intuition and creativity. He suggested that the mind is a tool and we should only use it when necessary and not carry it around with us all the time. Wherever you put your mind, for instance in your hands, they become stronger, this is what is utilised by the intuitive meditation system, Arka Dhyana.

He said mankind has done justice to science and technology, but not to exploring the inner realms. Therefore, we have to become the scientists of our own inner realms. This can begin with a positive nature and positive attitude. He said everyone wants to feel confident and comfortable and when such people gather together, they can achieve great things.

While I was sitting at my table, he said, I was admiring everything, the beautiful violin music, everything being presented, and all of you, he pointed towards the audience. Without all of this, they cannot be a celebration. Good thoughts were bouncing and reflecting back to everyone. He went on to say there is so much to celebrate, but we focus on the chaos in the world. The mind is exaggerator and so, we should not let it run away. There are always good people and good things happening for instance, many charities and organization doing great work.

First, we have to experience calmness, then we can understand it. This can help us to overcome chaos. Internally there is a sense of calmness, only externally chaos exists.

With a graceful thank you and presentation of certificates, it was time for a delicious lunch followed by a beautiful cake to conclude the celebrations.

When someone feels agitated, people may touch their chest to help calm them down, not their head. He said as soon as you touch your chest, you feel calmer, and your breath deepens automatically. You experience clearness and clarity. You are ready to face the world with a renewed positive attitude.

Some people worry about other people not understanding them but we should not focus on this. In his case, he explained he places the blame on himself if there is some miscommunication. He sees this constructively as a way to improve something. Accommodating people means accommodating the world as the world is made up of many different types of people. He mentioned another one of his famous quotes ‘all the different cultures are like different, colourful flowers of humanity. Spiritual awareness can weave us into a garland of oneness.’ At the heart level, we are all one. When you talk about views and opinions, then problems arise. He said when someone is experiencing problems, you immediately feel like comforting them because you have empathy. He said this is not the same as sympathy which can sometimes bring about negative consequences. He concluded with mentioning the Canadian team members by name and a photo opportunity.

The floor was opened to questions, and someone asked about how watching TV and their reporting of chaotic events around the world could maybe enhance the feeling of mental chaos. Arka responded by saying this depends on the media credibility and also what you absorb from it. We want to absorb something nutritious to our growth. Therefore, we may gracefully decide what we choose to view.

There was another question about how some people may see your positive actions in an unfavourable manner. Arka’s answer was that we cannot change everyone and differences exist to make the world more colourful and rich. He gave an example of a garden with only one colour of the same flower, this would not convey the same uplifting effect. He said we usually see the other person in the position of an opponent rather than someone with a different world view. He went on to explain that philosophically and metaphysically, everyone has an ego. However, when this becomes exaggerated, people can become easily provoked. He gave an example of seemingly weak people, who when challenged can become physically powerful. He said just as atoms are invisible to the eye, so is the ego. Atoms hold huge amounts of energy and during nuclear fission this is released. Similarly, this is what happens when someone’s ego is provoked. He explained how everything is about how you communicate. If you have a preaching or didactic manner, even your own family would not listen to you. We should approach these conflict situations as if we are all in the same team and we have to resolve this together. This may change things or not, but like rivers, which just flow, we should not have complaints. The river has only one big focus of merging into the ocean.

The last question was about how technology may be contributing towards chaos. Arka’s response was technology is racing rapidly. People cannot align their goals because things change so rapidly. He said this is technocracy not democracy. With the main goal to increase profits. He said we have to decide where we stand as we cannot go back to the stone age, nor can we become robots. We have to raise our conscious awareness and live life as naturally as possible. We should reduce our reliance on computers and challenge our brains. Technology has made us indolent and comfortable. This is something he practices. For instance, he said if you are thinking of calling someone, hold your phone while you think about them. After some time, you will find, they will call you. When this happens once or twice, we should not become overly excited. When this has become almost habitual, then you know it is working. This is something he has practiced and tested time and again and found it to work. He said in ancient times this is how communications worked, only the sender and receiver knew, no one else. He said he has tested this with a password that the other person should say and this has worked. Everything is possible with spiritual progress.

With a graceful thank you and presentation of certificates, it was time for a delicious lunch followed by a beautiful cake to conclude the celebrations.


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