Positive Living –
Healthy Aging

November 12, 2022  


Topic: Appreciating Wisdom
from Life Experiences

Valuing contributions of seniors

Musical celebration of
CCA-Canada’s 12th Anniversary



To celebrate our charity’s 12 th anniversary, we began the webinar with a prerecorded talk by charity founder, Srinivas Arka who answered the following questions:

– After seniors have retired from work and children have grown up, do you still think
seniors have a purpose? How do you find that purpose at this stage in life?
– Recent events have separated seniors from their families. How can we as seniors
reconnect with children and family?
– What’s one of the most valuable life lessons you have learned?

Arka encouraged seniors to value their lives and not to take the term ‘senior’ as something negative. They can contribute so much to the world with their experience, wisdom and peace.

Senior participants were given an opportunity to share what life lessons they would give to their younger self. They advised they youth shouldn’t be afraid of the future and shouldn’t worry about money.

Robin Smith, professional musician, sang Beatles, Elvis, and John Denver songs to give attendees a beautiful nostalgic feeling.

We played a 2022 highlighting all the amazing speakers during the informative webinars.

The event concluded with a thank you from the entire CCA-Canada team to Srinivas Arka for the opportunity to lead the charity and for all the support we have received over the years.

“Sometimes, knowledge can be humorous, but wisdom is serious.“
~ Srinivas Arka