Personal Experiences of
Post-Graduate Applications


An online discussion for youth


Sunday,May 29th, 2022


This is an online only event


This event was directed towards youth and young adults who are seeking a career in either law enforcement, teaching, medical and/or law. Guest speakers discussed their experiences with the application process whether they applied to post-graduate schools within Canada or abroad. Participants were able to ask questions about the application process as well as any doubts or tips that could help them with their journey.
Srinivas Arka discussed:
– How to avoid feeling discouraged during the application process?
– How do you motivate yourself when you start to feel tired?
– How do you stop overthinking during the application process?
Jada Johns discussed (Law School):
– Her personal experience with applying to Canadian and UK Law Schools
– How to get references?
– Experience with the LSAT(law school entrance exam)
Noel Tharakan discussed (Medical School):
– Her experience with applying to medical school in Canada and the U.S
– How extracericularries are critical for your success in the application process
– How to study for the MCAT (medical school entrance exam)
Anupa Brijmohan discussed (Teacher’s College):
– Her experience with applying to teachers college within Canada
– The different pathways to becoming a teacher whether you’re a highschool student or completing your undergraduate studies
– The difference between a highschool and elementary teacher
Ahrjun Maharajah discussed (Law Enforcement):
– His experience of applying to policing within Canada
– How to increase your fitness levels
– How to know if policing is the right career for you