We enjoyed a wonderful talk by Srinivas Arka on how we can improve our mental health and well-being. Here is an excerpt from the talk:

“We cannot achieve mental health without applying a spiritual approach. Since we are not just the body, each one of us knows deep down, no matter how sceptical or scientific we are, we know deeply in our consciousness that we are not just our bodies. We must have something beyond the tangible, physical, digital body; that is the infinite spirit or consciousness. In modern times, we are not spending enough time to understand or explore our bodiless presence. Dwelling in our minds alone will not help us experience this. Why do we need to experience our metaphysical presence? There’s another body within the physical body that is more powerful than the physical body. We cannot understand anything without images and examples since that’s how we have trained and developed our logical brain and mind. However, we also have to progress emotionally. We should allow the emotional mind to grow along with the logical mind. We need this balance, but we are losing this balance in modern times and are becoming mostly mechanical, logical and rational.”

We were treated to a classical violin performance by Min-Hi Choi where she played a song from the popular “Celebration” composed by Srinivas Arka.

Thank you to Jonathan Chiu for managing the event registration and the hotel staff. His team of volunteers, Jason Au and Emily Li did an excellent job of assisting at the event.

Special thanks our master of ceremonies, Derly Abraham, for making the event professional and engaging!