Cindy Mankasingh: Certified Intuitive Meditation Instructor Intuitive Meditation Session

Peer Panel:

–  Angela Dela Cruz: MSc Medical Sciences, Student at UofT, Graduate Student at CAMH

– Tanya Raveendran: B.A Hons. Criminology

– Carmen Ly: B.A Hons. Political Science at York University, entering New York University Law

Managing Self-Care was an event that focused on the importance of self-care among students with multiple approaches to implementing self-care into one’s daily routine. Through an engaging Peer Panel, attendees are able to ask questions and gain feedback on important self-care tips such as the importance of a work-life balance, healthy eating and proper sleep.

Cindy Mankasingh Discussed:
– What is Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation?
– When and how to practice intuitive meditation?
– What are the benefits of practicing intuitive meditation for Self-Care?

For more information, visit www.arkadhyana.net.

Tanya Raveendran Discussed:
– What is Light of Learning?
– The importance of Self-Care
– A Light of Learning approach to Self-Care

Peer Panel Discussed:
– How to make a Self-Care routine for Healthy Eating?
– What are some effective ways to Relax when you lack time during Exam Season?
– What are different forms of Self-Care?
– How do you maintain a Work-Life Balance?



Lakehead University
Breaking Stigma
By Creating Unity (JACK.org)

Breaking Stigma By Creating Unity” is a Jack.org chapter run by students at Lakehead University. Jack.org is a Canadian nonprofit organization that focuses on mental health education, awareness, and stigma reduction, focusing on youth through a peer-to-peer model. Some of the ways our chapter accomplishes these goals are by hosting countless events, talks and most recently, our four-day mental health summit, packed with 11 informative presentations by mental health advocates in the Thunder Bay community. The chapter continues to work hard to provide our community with the best possible access to mental health services and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. Current projects include increasing awareness of our LU campus’s student mental health services and creating a local mental health services hub.