Intuitive Meditation
to Deal with Exam Season

Intuitive Meditation to Deal with Exam Season was an event focused on the stresses associated with exam sessions amongst post-secondary students. Through hearing from three speakers, students and attendees learned how to cope with exam season as an international student and domestic student, valuable strategies for academic success and an intuitive meditation presentation. In addition, the event was filled with an engaging Q&A/Panel Discussion!

Cindy Mankasingh Discussed:

– What is Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation?

– When and how to practice intuitive meditation?

– What are the benefits of practicing intuitive meditation?

For more information, visit www.arkadhyana.net.

Aneri Patel Discussed:

– Her personal experience of dealing with exam season as an international student (cultural differences, study habits).

– How to get involved in organizations at your university/college?

– Helpful tips for managing daily life and studies (pre and post-pandemic)?

Tanya Raveendran Discussed:

– Her personal experience of dealing with exam season as a domestic student.

– What is Light of Learning?

– What to avoid during the exam session?

– What are some helpful study habits for the long run?

– What are some different study methods?

– Remembering the purpose of studying?

Saturday November 13th, 2021

Time: 11:00am to 12:30pm EST

Networking Session Post-Event | This is an online only webinar


Srinivas Arka, a world-renowned author, teacher and philosopher, has inspired countless thousands of us to explore and develop our own intuitive awareness. Through his methods, we achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life while at the same time helping those around us through increased empathy and understanding. He is founder of Centres for Conscious Awareness (CCAs), a constellation of registered charitable organisation around the globe, that actively study and research the structure and nature of human consciousness, its potential, and its extent, including its relationship with the external world.
His work is based on deepening the heart-based Intuitive Conscious Awareness. He teaches us that, by tapping into the potential of feeling and the resource of emotion, a shift of consciousness occurs from the mind to the heart.

Srinivas Arka

Founder, Centre for Conscious Awareness Global

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