We were invited by Ryerson University Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program to speak on stress management. We discussed if meditation can be used as a solution to the stresses and pressure in daily life.

The students enjoyed the healthy group discussions and the session concluded with a beautiful, practical experience of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation.

Here are the testimonials from the event:

“It was a great introduction to new technique of meditation. As I am interested in mindfulness, it would be interesting to see how the future session unfold.” Farah Tohsin

“Everything was well presented. I especially liked the practical approach.” Catherine Allen-Ayodaso

“Excellent presentation. Very interesting practical session.” Emal Stanizai

“It was an amazing feeling of practicing the meditation in the session.
The meditation was very interesting.” Ethige De Silva

“Very beneficial meeting, learning a lot about meditation, and experimenting in class how it helps to relieve stress. Thanks for the great instructions.” Karim Kerolos

“Very pleasant and fruitful exercise. The techniques are simple and can be practiced daily to improve daily general functioning.” Rachel Ninan

“Meditation is something that has always been special to me, when I was introduced to its concept 5 years ago. I had extreme stress and insomnia. Today experiencing the same feeling with this practice session was rewarding. Realizing that so much is missing and so much can be achieved by going back to meditation and practicing mindfulness.” Nabiha Musavi

“Thank you very much for providing this workshop and demonstrating those basic techniques of meditation. Even for those few minutes it was helpful to reduce the stress. And thank you for information.” Meha (Mahaddepeh) Gholizendeh