We were invited by Ryerson University Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program to speak on stress management. We discussed if meditation can be used as a solution to the stresses and pressure in daily life. We learned about the different experiences of stress that people have. We discussed the stress of immigrating, integrating to a new country and finding employment. The students enjoyed the healthy group discussions and the session concluded with a beautiful, practical experience of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation.

Special thank you to Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan for organizing the event.

Here are the testimonials from the event:

Excellent calming experience. Would like to participate in community services.

Meenakshi Gupta

Thank you so much for this amazing session for a while I felt like relaxed

Nurun Nahar

I had excellent experience today I think, I will try to use this meditation in future.

Oxana Pihut

Felt more connected to myself and classmates. Definitely a new tool to adjust mood/monitor stress. Willing to explore this further.

Arun Homenauth

Gave an idea on how to get out of our heads. Informative/ educational. Definitely peaked my interest and would like to learn more.

Yihya Al-Eryani

I personally felt the session was very helpful and relaxing for me. Especially the words and resonating sounds as one is very connected.

Nida Fatima

It was divine, I practised it before and got reconnected with the yoga and meditation again. I wish to explore more now.

Abha Sharma

Thank you for showing me a new method for meditation and relaxation. Thanks again for your work.

Jiawez Hu

I have excellent experience and absolutely good technique to use.

Agatya Krivova

I have had an interesting experience participating in one of the sessions, although it was too short but I learned a lot about a different method of meditation. I would do more research on this. Thank you!

Mahtab Ghassemi

Wonderful self exploration.

Nischal Bhari

Excellent information and meditation practice.

Rudy Ruiz