We were invited by Ryerson University Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program to speak on stress management. We discussed if meditation can be used as a solution to the stresses and pressure in daily life.

We learned about the different experiences of stress that people have. Some have financial and career stress. Some have family stress. Some are preoccupied with the political instability and violence in their home countries. We also discussed fear some have in immigrating and integrating to a new country.

The students enjoyed the healthy group discussions and the session concluded with a beautiful, practical experience of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation.

Special thank you to Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan for organizing the event.

Here are the testimonials from the event:

“This demonstration was very helpful. I really felt very relaxed with the meditation demonstration and the music, which started at the moment, made it more calm and relaxing. I now believe it very helpful in relieving stress.”

Muhammad Imran Sohail

“I loved the meditation session. It really helped me relieve my stress. I wish
if we have more time to meditate. I feel light headed, happy and stress-free.”

Hani AlShbat

“I found the meditation helpful.” Mirwais Halimi

“My stress was relieved by practicing meditation. It’s good to practice to forget all the negative attitudes and just to think positively about myself.” Mahmoud Shaheen

“Comforting. Relieving” Miriam Abdelmalek

“Interesting practice in stress relief and meditation. Definitely something to try again in many scenarios.” Adam Benjamin

“It is useful.” Thirumal Somasuriyam

“It was a very relaxing session for me as I am battling with depression and anxiety. I actually felt like for a while I was very calm.” Amina Mahmood

“That was a great experience to practice relaxing and a great introduction to meditation and stress management modalities.” Mandana Chitsazan

“It was very relaxing. Felt refreshed.” Maha Hassan

“Very informative session. Pleased to be exposed to the charity, its work and the meditation. Presenters did a great job. Would love to help out.” Marium Anwar

“I like your demonstration and I appreciate the nice job you are doing.” Zahra Masroori