We were invited by Ryerson University Internationally Trained Medical Doctors (ITMD) Bridging Program to speak on stress management. We discussed if meditation can be used as a solution to the stresses and pressure in daily life.

We learned about the different experiences of stress that people have. Some have financial and career stress. Some have family stress. Some are preoccupied with the political instability and violence in their home countries. We also discussed fear some have in immigrating and integrating to a new country.

The students enjoyed the healthy group discussions and the session concluded with a beautiful, practical experience of Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation.

Special thank you to Dr. Shafi Bhuiyan and Dr. Dilusha Thiyagaratnam for organizing the event.

Here are the testimonials from the event:

“Meditation has been a very important part of my life for over 10 years. But I stopped it for many reasons. After today’s session with CCA- Canada, I got some of the feelings that I used to get while practicing meditation. It was really relaxing and re-motivated me to continue doing it for my future life. Thank you CCA- Canada for giving me the joyful experience once again.”
Dr. Rashedul Choudhury

“I am very pleased to have the opportunity to be introduced to such an effective technique for relaxing. As far as I am concerned, it really works for me. I really recommend it.”  
Dr. Hamidreza Goodarzynejad

“It’s a good addition to ITMD if this gets incorporated as part of the course outline. It would be beneficial for ITMDs if they can use this during the tight schedule of knowledge access to learn.”
Dr. Venus Benigno

“Relaxing :)”
Dr. Dilusha Thiyagaratnam

“I feel at ease, and very peaceful. A lesson to take with me forever.” 
Dr. Dharshika Muthuthevar

“This was my first encounter with a meditation and mindfulness session. I find it very a useful and powerful too (meditation) to destress and find inner peace & would love to join CCA as a volunteer or any of your meditation classes.”
Dr. Nazish Gul

“The sessions was really relaxing. After the mediation exercise I felt better. I will definitely try this at home.”
Dr. Jorge Telchi

“It was delightful. Very helpful to overcome stress. Great tool to rediscover our inner strength. Thank you for showing!”
Dr. Samson Moses

“After all the tiredness of the day, thank you  for making me relaxed for some moments.”
Dr. Mubariz Tariq

“It was a great session for the time, when there was a demonstration for meditation, I actually felt very calm and relaxed. But it would be better if we can have a full meditation session of 19 positions. It would be really helpful. Thanks CCA-Canada for your time and efforts to give us some stress free moments.”
Dr. Neelam Dehal

“Very informative session. Pleased to be exposed to the charity, its work and the meditation. Presenters did a great job. Would love to help out.”
Dr. Marium Anwar

“It was helpful to learn and to practice meditation. Very pleased to hear about the charity raising awareness in the community and I would like to join the initiative in the future.”
Dr. Yossra Abdallateef

“It really feels relaxing” 
Dr. Jose Rodriguez

“I found this session to be very helpful in terms of exploring myself. We would like to thank you for coming and having a session with us & giving us the opportunity to volunteer and inviting us to be a participant of meditation research in the near future. Thanks.”
Dr. Fatima Naeem