We were invited by Ryerson University – Internationally Trained Medical Doctors Bridging Program as a guest speaker on the topic of Stress Management and meditation. Each participant shared their challenges with stress and they cope with stress. We shared our views on stress and then we practiced Arka Dhyana Intuitive Meditation as a group. We were overwhelmed with the positive feedback from the session.

“Very impressive session. Learnt how to listen to my breathing there by controlling my heart rate and ultimately made me gain control of myself. This is an experience I never really heard before today as I am a naturally anxious person. I hope to put this method into practice” Onize Ekome

“Thank you for an amazing presentation. In my view, psychohygiene is very important in everyday life and your way of doing this is beautiful” Andrey Kildyshov

“It is a new technique that I have never heard about or tried. It is informative and trying the technique is very helpful. Touch base on the idea of watching breathing and connecting with my self. I am interested in reading more and exploring that field.”Marco Morcos

“Very nice meeting and experience. Thanks for this opportunity. I did feel a difference.” Wayel Zanjir

“A very calming exercise; I’ll definitely be trying it at home” Sabeen Ehean

“Very relaxing and helpful. Learned some new techniques on how to deal with stress” Rabia Shariff

“The session though short has given me that opportunity to look into a different perspective of relieving stress. I used to do meditation but the use of sound is something new. I think if this kind of activity is taught in a tension relieving method, it would help a lot more people – especially in this stressed up environment.” Darlene Montes Fetalvero

“I suffer from anxiety. I found the breathing technique and the music combined with the voice of the meditation instructor calming. I have decided to practice meditation more often.” Mahnaz Mansouri

“This is a great presentation! It’s a good start introducing us to your organization before teaching meditation. The meditation technique was very helpful and I wish it was longer.” Sophia Wong

“Was an interesting and relaxing experience. It was new to me. I am glad I managed to learn something new today.” Hany Ibrahim

“It was a great learning experience. The meditation techniques are powerful and I almost slept during practice. I will practice these techniques when I am stressed. Thank you so much for a wonderful session.”Syed Jamal Shah

“The music was really relaxing and the demonstration was very nice.” Nilufar Shireen

“Good strategy for stress management” Deena Zainab

“New experience. Helpful information. Thanks” Aimen Salem