Financial Advice for Students


April 27, 2024

11:00am EDT

Learn how to effectively manage your finances and plan better with your money.

Join us for an online youth event featuring expert speakers, interactive activities, prizes, and peer networking.

All are welcome.

Admission Fee Waived.

“Wealth is not just acquiring properties, jewellery, finance and fame. Wealth has many petals with different colours and fragrances. These include health, happiness, good friends, family, knowledge, skills, talent, creativity, being content and more.”

~Srinivas Arka

Elizabeth Webster, Event Coordinator, and Amelia Nicholls, Marketing Specialist, organized a youth event aimed at educating students on effective financial management.

The event featured Francisco Linares as the keynote speaker, who delivered an insightful presentation on financial literacy tailored for students. His discussion covered crucial topics such as the significance of budgeting, understanding disposable income, the power of compounding interest, and the essentials of credit management. Linares showcased various budget examples to address the diverse financial scenarios students might encounter and provided practical advice on sustaining these budgets. His strategies are designed to empower students to manage their finances adeptly, steer clear of typical financial traps, and establish a robust foundation for long-term financial well-being.

Srinivas Arka, founder of CCA, addressed finance management questions, offering his expert advice:
How can students strike a balance between enjoying their youth and being financially responsible?
How can parents/guardians support their children in learning about and managing their finances?

The event also included a calming meditation session led by Cindy Mankasingh.

The day concluded with a captivating musical performance by Canadian singer-songwriter Lillian Ayoubzadeh, who at 21, delivered renditions of Carole King’s “You’ve Got A Friend” and Michael Jackson’s “Man In The Mirror,” leaving the audience inspired and uplifted.

Here is Francisco’s presentation:


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