pursuing passions

An Online Discussion on Finding your Passions and Career Goals

Join us for part one of our career-building series


March 19, 2022

An online discussion for youth

This event was directed towards youth and young adults struggling with career related stressors, namely identifying what passions to spend time working towards. Our speakers, Charity Founder, Srinivas Arka, and Dr. Ron Thiessen of Concordia University spoke about how to find your future career through your interests. They answered questions like can your passions make you money, and how you can build a personal mission statement to help you achieve your goals.


Srinivas Arka discussed:
– Is passion something you discover or something you are born with?
– What happens when you have many passions and do not know which one(s) to pursue?
– The difference between passion and ambitions.

Dr. Ron Thiessen discussed:
– What is a personal mission statement?
– How to create your own personal mission statement and ultimately define your life’s purpose?
– The importance of having your goals in writing.







11:00 - 11:10 


11:10 - 11:50 

Finding Passions


Question and Action with charity founder, Srinivas Arka exploring topics like; 

  • What is passion? 
  • How do we find passion in our lives? 
  • What do we do when we can’t find our passion? 

Srinivas Arka

11:50 - 12:20

Pursuing Passion through Personal Mission

  • Building a personal mission statement 
  • How to know live out your passion
  • How to dedicate yourself to your passion 
  • Should your passion make you money?

Ron Thiessen

12:20 - 12:30 

Kahoot & Concluding Statements

12:30 - 1:00

Interactive Workshop: How do I discover my Personal Mission? 



Srinivas Arka
Founder, Centre for Conscious Awareness Global
Finding Passions
Srinivas Arka, a world-renowned author, teacher and philosopher, has inspired countless thousands of us to explore and develop our own intuitive awareness. Through his methods, we achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life while at the same time helping those around us through increased empathy and understanding. He is founder of Centres for Conscious Awareness (CCAs), a constellation of registered charitable organisation around the globe, that actively study and research the structure and nature of human consciousness, its potential, and its extent, including its relationship with the external world.
His work is based on deepening the heart-based Intuitive Conscious Awareness. He teaches us that, by tapping into the potential of feeling and the resource of emotion, a shift of consciousness occurs from the mind to the heart.
Dr. Ron Thiessen
Psychologist in Applied Life Sciences and Professor at Concordia University
Pursuing Passion through Personal Mission
Ron Thiessen is a psychologist, change evolutionist, speaker, professor, and author who has more than 30 years’ experience in personal growth coaching and group facilitation. His insight into difficult problems makes solutions come alive as he helps people become the best that they can be. He has been referred to as an “inspirational evolutionist”, challenging his audiences and clients to stretch toward personal growth and wellbeing.
Ron believes that finding purpose and direction in life is necessary for every individual. His passion for teaching about personal mission forms the foundation of his work with clients, students at university and college, and his corporate work with employee and executive teams. He also believes that change is an evolution; a process that requires time to manage successfully. His understanding of this principle will inspire you to define your own personal mission.


Convergence is a non-profit organization focused on helping youth explore and find their passions by connecting them with passionate members of the community. Established in 2019 by a team of UBC students, Convergence has hosted monthly Passion Speaker Series revealing the personal journeys, insight and advice of various members of the community, and featured a diversity of fields in our social media on Instagram @convergencecommitteebc and Facebook @convergencebc. Convergence continuously strives to develop programs that address students’ needs and curiosities. Working alongside a group of curious and ambitious high school students, Convergence has delivered Passion Exploration Action Plan workshops that cover the skills needed to find, create and obtain passion exploration opportunities, a Mentorship Program, and a series of University Experience Panels that open discussions between youth and current post-secondary students.


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Prizes: 2022 Goals Journal

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Admission Fee Waived.