Battling Burnout in
an Online World

Online Discussion for Youth in the Pandemic


Battling Burnout in an Online World was the first event hosted by the Centre for Conscious Awareness – Canada catered towards a youth audience 17-25.


During this online event, our four speakers covered various topics to help youth understand and manage burnout through equipping them with tools and resources.

Topics covered:

(1)Srinivas Arka (Founder of CCA)
– How to use your intuitive strength to cope with rejection
– How to make decisions
– How to enhance balance in one’s life

(2)Jennifer Chan* (Ph.D Candidate Psychology at University of Toronto)

Burnout During the Pandemic

– What is burnout; Burnout during the pandemic
– How the gut-brain axis works under stress
– Preventative coping mechanisms based on biological science evidence

*Co-founder of SPRINT Program, a summer program for upper year high school students to learn about a broad range of psychology topics and gain research experience.


(3)Jessica Landry (BSc Student at Lakehead University)   

Peer Perspective on Burnout and Mental Health

– How to be there for yourself and others when struggling with mental health
– Jack.org’s 5 golden rules
– Her personal experience as a youth and student dealing with mental health and personal coping mechanisms

(4)Gillian Leithman** (Ph.D, Corporate Trainer, Adjunct Professor at Concordia University)

Energy Management

How to leverage and manage your energy so you are positioned for success
The importance of habits
How to optimize your energy

***Founder of Life Skills Toolbox, a soft skills training company that translates social science research into practical everyday skills and strategies for students and employees alike.
**Founder of Rewire to Retire, a company that provides individual retirement coaching, and pre-retirement workshops.


Srinivas Arka

Founder, Centre for Conscious Awareness Global
Using Intuitive Strength to Cope with Rejection


Srinivas Arka, a world-renowned author, teacher and philosopher, has inspired countless thousands of us to explore and develop our own intuitive awareness. Through his methods, we achieve a more balanced and fulfilling life while at the same time helping those around us through increased empathy and understanding. He is founder of Centres for Conscious Awareness (CCAs), a constellation of registered charitable organisation around the globe, that actively study and research the structure and nature of human consciousness, its potential, and its extent, including its relationship with the external world
His work is based on deepening the heart-based Intuitive Conscious Awareness. He teaches us that, by tapping into the potential of feeling and the resource of emotion, a shift of consciousness occurs from the mind to the heart.


Professional Speaker: Jennifer Chan

Ph.D Candidate of Psychology at University of Toronto
Burnout During the Pandemic

Jen Chan is a PhD candidate in the Health, Adaptation, Research on Trauma (HART) laboratory at the University of Toronto Mississauga. Her research specialization is in Psychoneuroimmunology, specifically using biological measurements across neurological, cardiovascular, and endocrine disciplines to study how stress and trauma affect the physical and mental health of first responders.
Her publications include both journal articles and book chapters in Occupational Medicine, the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, and Occupational Health. Outside of her research she is a Science Communicator presenting science talks throughout the GTA and working in collaboration with groups including the Royal Canadian Institute for Science, the Canadian Multicultural Inventors Museum, and the Story Collider. Additionally, she is a co-founder of the SPRINT program, a free and accessible high school outreach workshop series providing accelerated Psychology education and research experience to underrepresented groups.

Youth Speaker: Jessica Landry

BSc Student at Lakehead University
Peer Perspective on Burnout and Mental Health

Jessica Landry, a student at Lakehead University from Northern Ontario, is a passionate youth mental health advocate. Her latest projects consist of working on the awareness and improvement of the mental health services available on her university campus as well as creating a community mental health hub in her hometown while continuing to co-run her campus’ mental health peer support group, one which focuses on equipping youth with CBT and DBT skills.During her presentation Jessica will focus on equipping youth with mental health strategies while simultaneously diving into her personal experience with burnout and how she has learned to cope.





Professional Speaker: Gillian Leithman

Corporate Trainer, Adjunct Professor at Concordia University
Energy Management

Gillian Leithman, PhD specializes in soft skills training – that is the people side of business. She has facilitated programs for some of Canada’s premiere businesses and organizations such as Bell Canada, TD Canada Trust, Federal Express, Novartis, Telus, Hollis Wealth, HSBC, BDC, the RCMP, Moody’s, and Exxon Mobil.Her research focus encompasses the career motivation of older workers, the retirement transition process, age friendly workplaces, and knowledge sharing cultures.

Her teaching focus includes leadership development and soft skills training. Gillian’s work and commentary have been featured in Canadian HR Reporter, Forbes, the Conversation Canada, Montreal Gazette, Reader’s Digest and the National Post.
Gillian is the founder of Life Skills ToolboxTM and Rewire to RetireTM.



University of Toronto Mental Health Association

The University of Toronto Mental Health Student Association (UOFTMHA) is a student-run club established in 2016 that focuses on breaking the stigma surrounding mental health and empowering students through their mental health journeys, while also practicing diversity, equity & inclusion. We attempt to look at mental health from a different perspective, showcasing more than just the clinical aspect but also healthy mind, healthy body lifestyle and resources. The purpose of this association is to promote and educate staff and students on the significance of mental health around the University of Toronto campus. We strive to promote healthy coping mechanisms to anyone struggling with their mental health, and to offer an outlet in the community to help others face these issues. We hope to achieve this by actively hosting meetings and seminars, providing advocacy to any interested individuals, as well as helping to host and create interactive workshops and activities around mid-term and exam seasons.

Lakehead University Jack.org Chapter: Breaking Stigma By Creating Unity

“Breaking Stigma By Creating Unity” is a Jack.org chapter run by students at Lakehead University. Jack.org is a nonprofit Canadian organization that focuses on mental health education, awareness, and stigma reduction, with a focus on youth, through the use of a peer to peer model. Some of the ways our chapter accomplishes these goals are by hosting countless events, talks and most recently, our four day mental health summit, packed with 11 informative presentations by mental health advocates in the Thunder Bay community. The chapter continues to work hard to provide our community with the best possible access to mental health services as well as reducing the stigma surrounding mental health and mental illness. Current projects include increasing awareness of the student mental health services available on our LU campus and creating a local mental health services hub.

Concordia Undergraduate Psychology Association


Concordia’s Undergraduate Psychology Association (CUPA) is a member association within the Arts and Science Federation of Associations (ASFA) that represents the voices of Psychology and Neuroscience undergraduate students at Concordia University. We organize, host and promote events happening within the university. CUPA executives have different responsibilities with the ultimate goal to promote mental health, and provide an enjoyable student life experience to psychology and neuroscience undergraduate students at Concordia University!

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Jaime Drayer is a graphic designer by trade and cat lover by heart. She lives in Hamilton, Ontario with her muses, her two tuxedo kitties, Tux and Poppy. Jaime has always been passionate about arts and crafts, animal welfare, and due to her own struggles, mental health, so she decided to create an art-based business tying her passions together. This is how Kitties and Cabernet was born! She donates 10% of every sale to local cat rescues and mental health charities. With cat(s) in lap all pieces are designed with love.

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